DJC Membership

Our members include singles and families of all ages who come from diverse Jewish backgrounds and cultural traditions, interfaith and intercultural families, and the full spectrum of sexual orientations and gender identities. Together we share a desire to learn, question, and foster a warm, welcoming and supportive Jewish community.

Registration opens July 1

Register for a yearly membership to the DJC as a new or returning member. DJC membership is 100% tax deductible. Tax receipts are emailed in February.

Membership Dues & Fees for 5785 (2024/2025)

Our Sliding Scale fees ensure that everyone is welcome at the DJC. To support our commitment to inclusion, we hope you’ll stretch the amount you pay if you are able.

Illustration of sliding scale for membership fees.

Annual Membership includes:

Tickets for High Holy Day Services

Non-members may purchase High Holy Day tickets for individual services:

Questions about membership or a subsidy?

Please send us an email and we’ll be happy to answer your questions! To apply for support beyond our sliding scale, please fill out the request for a subsidy.

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