Word of the Month: Naches

The Yiddish word naches (נחת \näKHəs\ NAKH-es) can be translated as pleasure, delight, or proud enjoyment.

One might be heard saying, “What naches it gave us to see the whole gymnasium of the JCC filled with people of all types, from all over the city, gather for Erev Shavuot.  And our own Rabbi Miriam among the wise teachers whom they all came to hear!”

However, this word can most often be heard spoken by parents and grandparents upon seeing the achievements of the younger generation.  We truly mean it when we say it gave all of us naches to witness this year’s B’nei Mitzvah group finally culminate their year of study by chanting their Torah portions and reading their divrei Torah at a beautiful Shabbat service surrounded by family and friends.

May your summer be filled with sunshine and naches!

The DJC Board of Directors ~
Amelia, Emma, Hilla, Janice, Josh, Mara, Mindy, Nadya, Shelley, Tammi