Who Are You Inviting to the DJC?

As the heat of summer fades, the kids return to school, and autumn sweeps in, it’s the time of year when Jews everywhere are asking themselves an annual question:  “Where should I go for the High Holy Days?”  And, equally common, “Should I go anywhere at all?”

            The DJC has a special answer.

Since our founding nearly two decades ago, we’ve proven ourselves to be a uniquely welcoming community for those who are, for lack of a better phrase, on the fence about what to do for the holidays.  So many of us never felt that we fit in to a Jewish community until we found this one.

In the coming weeks, we hope you’ll reach out to those in your life who are wondering what, if anything, they’ll do for the holidays.  Maybe they haven’t been to services since they were children.  Or they’ve never felt their partner would be comfortable, or welcomed.  Or perhaps they’re not sure what role Judaism can and should play for their kids.

Tell them to try us out this Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Tell them it’s not what they’re thinking.

Tell them about your own experience.

Tell them there’s even a discount for first-timers.

Tell them we’d love to have them.

Tell them you’d love to have them.

Excited to see you again soon,

The DJC Board of Directors ~
Emma, Hilla, Josh, Elisabeth, Mara, Marlee, Michael, Nadya, Shelley

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