Welcome to our new Visiting Artist, Leah Gold!

The DJC’s Artist Selection Committee is excited to welcome Leah Gold as our Visiting Artist this year, in honour of our 25th anniversary. An experienced community artist, Leah will lead printmaking workshops that investigate our place in the natural world.

Leah Gold is a visual artist and community arts facilitator. Her drawings and ceramics use playful and fantastical imagery to explore emotional states and imaginary worlds, and have been exhibited locally and internationally. She has facilitated projects for such organizations as TIFF, The Koffler Centre of the Arts, Arts Etobicoke, Lakeshore Arts, and the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for the Arts. With Hijinks Collective, she creates participatory, multidisciplinary projects that combine a DIY ethos with professional calibre visual and sound art production. Leah grew up in the Camp Gesher and First Narayever communities, and is very excited to connect with the members of the Danforth Jewish Circle.

Leah’s websitehttp://leahfgold.com
Previous residences with the Toronto Public Library and the Toronto Arts Council:
So Much To Eat http://hijinksart.com/eat/
Roam and Play Awhile http://hijinksart.com/play/
Current Project: http://kaleidoscopegrove.com

Please join us in welcoming Leah!