We Are Excited to Be a Founding Partner in the Danforth Multifaith Commons

The Danforth Multifaith Commons was born in 2020, when three faith communities – East End United Regional Ministry, the Danforth Jewish Circle, and Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation – joined in a long-term partnership. This partnership formalized many years of multifaith collaboration among our congregations and other faith communities, including an annual solidarity walk on the Danforth.

Our partnership does more than give each community a financially sustainable, shared home at 310 Danforth Avenue. It illuminates the promise of what those of different faiths but similar values can learn from each other and achieve together. All three communities embrace people of all backgrounds and identities and share a strong commitment to social justice. Members of our communities have collaborated for years – for instance, through our communities’ social justice and environmental action committees, and the Danforth Multifaith Community, which also includes members from the Islamic and Buddhist faiths.

In the months and years to come, expect to see more joint programming, more opportunities to learn together and from each other, and more opportunities to collaborate for social action and impact. The Commons will be what we all make of it.

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