Want to Know What’s Going on With the Rabbi Search?

To all our valued DJC members! In the spirit of transparency and community care, and as we embark on the journey toward searching for our permanent Rabbi, we are starting a (monthly?)  column in our newsletter titled: Want to Know What’s going on with the Rabbi Search? 

To date, we have formed the rabbi search committee of 12 members plus 3 Board members.  This committee represents the diversity of our DJC community to include Jews and those from other faiths and cultures, founders and longstanding members, newer members, parents of young children, LGBTQ+, queer and straight members, singles, couples and marrieds, 20 somethings and students to 70+ somethings, members engaged in our community committees of anti-racism/social justice/interfaith/education, former Board members and other DJC groups. 

We are grateful to have a diverse committee that reflects the DJC membership.

The tasks of the committee:

  • Design interview questions and a matrix to quantify/qualify candidates’ responses
  • Based on the resumes we receive, discern who to interview
  • Form a smaller committee to conduct interviews.  All initial interviews will be recorded on zoom.  All committee members will watch the recordings and quantify/qualify candidates’ responses.
  • Create a short list of candidates to bring back for a second interview or to lead something
  • Arrange for final candidates to lead something for the entire community – a service, sermon, or educational session
  • Gather feedback from the community
  • Recommend who to hire

The Board’s HR Committee of Saara Greene, Rob Krakauer, and Nicki Weiss will facilitate the initial search committee conversation to help the committee get organized and figure out roles and responsibilities.  We will keep our community informed as we progress.

The rabbi search committee members are:

  • Ren Bucholz
  • Nadya Burton
  • Mike Dunn
  • Allen Flaming
  • Jonah Greenhut
  • Josh Greenhut
  • Nina Harris
  • Lis Marks
  • Emil Sher
  • Weiwei Su
  • Marcia Young
  • Evelyn Tauben