A Vision for a Sweet New Year

With the sweetness of apples and honey on our lips, and the energy that comes with a new year and united old and new members, now is the time to recommit ourselves to the difference the DJC can make in the world. As we spoke about at the High Holy Days, the DJC is stepping up to become a prominent voice for progressive Judaism in Toronto.

We’re focusing our collective energy in four areas:

  • Engaging the next generation: Seeking to meet the needs of tots, teens, young adults to people in their 30s and 40s
  • Arts and creative programming: Injecting our traditions with fresh and innovative expression
  • Radical wisdom: Breathing new life into the ancient wisdom that came before us
  • Tzedek/Justice: Enacting our progressive Jewish values and working to repair the world

In a community that remains grassroots, what we achieve in these areas depends on you: on your passion, your ideas, and your engagement. We encourage you to find a way of contributing to the DJC’s vision that speaks to you. Attend one or more of the events occurring this fall; join a committee; volunteer. There is so much opportunity to make this a sweet and meaningful new year.

What we achieve also depends on your financial support: if you haven’t donated already, and you believe in what the DJC can accomplish, donate now at https://djctoronto.com/donate/donate-now/

We thank you for the generosity of spirit that has led to where we are today and can’t wait to see what positive, progressive strides you make — we all make — together.

L’shanah tovah u’metukah!

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