Events and News from the Climate Action Team

BetterHomesTO is a City of Toronto program that supports energy efficiency and deep retrofits in Toronto’s single family homes.

Sign up at Eventbrite for their free 1:00 pm webinar seminars:

Wednesday, August 26 – Solar PV and Battery Storage
Thursday, September 3 – Prepare Your Home for an Electric Vehicle
Thursday, September 10 – Introduction to Passive House
Tuesday, September 15 – Net Zero Homes: Toronto’s Future

Thursday, August 20 – 7 pm – 8:40 pm – Climate Solutions Workshop

Join Doug Pritchard, an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador from ClimateFast, for a free interactive how-can-we-bend-that-environment-curve workshop where you will explore the impact of solutions to the climate emergency!
If a daytime presentation works better for you, check out the webinar also offered twice on Aug 20 by Climate Interactive:

Slow down! According to Natural Resources Canada, driving a vehicle with an internal combustion engine at 120 km/h will burn 20% more fuel than driving at 100 km/h. An Ontario law that requires trucks to install technology to limit their speed to 105 km/h was estimated to have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 4.6 megatonnes between 2009 and 2020. Learn More

Bright orange, purple or blue containers of laundry detergent and shampoo do not get sent off to get recycled. This is because intense or dark-colored plastics are difficult, if not impossible, to reuse. Black plastics are particularly hard to recycle because machines trying to detect the plastic cannot see it. Unilever, however, has created a black ink that can be detected. If you have to use plastic, choose items in white or clear containers. If you forget to bring your reusable coffee cup, pick the white-colored to-go lid because black plastic is the most difficult color of them all to recycle. LEARN MORE

Good news! The United Kingdom’s biggest pension fund is banning investments in tar sands/oil sands, Arctic drilling, and coal projects. The nine-million-member National Employment Savings Trust (Nest) will shift £5.5 billion into ‘climate aware’ investments as it anticipates a green economic recovery from coronavirus. The ban will mean that some of the world’s biggest mining companies, such as BHP, can never be part of Nest’s share holdings, as long they derive profits from digging coal. LEARN MORE

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