The DJC Board Is Looking For Two New Members For The 2020-2022 Term!

  1. DJC in the Era of Covid
  2. What is the DJC’s Vision Statement?
  3. What Does the Board Do?
  4. What Time Commitment is Typical?
  5. What Roles and Skills are Most Needed for the Upcoming 2020-2022 Term
  6. 1. DJC in the Era of Covid

    We are living in a time of fear and loss, great economic uncertainty and unprecedented change. The DJC leadership team has been working creatively and thoughtfully to meet the challenges and unique opportunities of this time.   

    • In March, Rabbi Miriam began to offer a rich and participatory palette of virtual Shabbat and holyday services, Jewish meditation and song, and opportunities for learning. She has continued to offer program and spiritual leadership, pastoral care and counselling, as well as leading lifecycle events in moments of both grief and joy for our community.
    • Our Director of Education Alysse Rich and her teaching staff took the entire Jewish Studies Program online. All our 20 B’Nei Mitzvah students will culminate their year of intense study and preparation with lovely ceremonies – some virtually on May 23, and some on November 28.
    • Our many Committees and our Board continue to function robustly behind the scenes to help make the DJC the vibrant, progressive community that we cherish.
    • A team of volunteers has made phone calls to every member of our community, reaching out in warmth and connection and offering support where it is needed. 
    • We are entering into a time of growth and change as we participate in the re-development of our space into the East End Multi-Faith Hub 
    • And…. this year we face uncertainty about our revenues in a way we could not have anticipated.    

    2. What is the DJC’s Vision Statement

    The Danforth Jewish Circle is a joyous and inclusive, accessible and inspiring Jewish community located in the heart of Riverdale.

    Our members include singles and families of all ages who come from diverse Jewish backgrounds and cultural traditions, interfaith and intercultural families, and the full spectrum of sexual orientations and gender identities. Together we share a desire to learn, question, and foster a warm, welcoming and supportive Jewish community.

    We are an egalitarian, unaffiliated community that is part of a larger progressive Jewish movement.  We share in the rich wisdom and inspiration of Jewish tradition and culture while seeking to challenge, explore, and reinterpret it.

    We are striving to revitalize our traditions and culture with moral courage, creativity, and generosity of spirit.

    3. What Does the Board Do?

    Along with Rabbi Miriam, we provide leadership and strategic direction to ensure the health, vitality, organizational effectiveness, governance, and financial stability of the DJC.

    We uphold the DJC’s vision.

    We engage with our members and the broader Toronto Jewish community to ensure the DJC stays informed, connected, and relevant.

    4. What Time Commitment is Typical?

    The Board consists of a minimum of 7 members to a maximum of 11 members.  Board Members are appointed for 2 year terms and can serve for a maximum of 3 consecutive terms.

    Board members attend a monthly 2.5 hour meeting 

    There are generally two 3-hour Board working retreats each year

    Board members participate on one or more Board committees, working committees or ad hoc tasks (or all of these!)

    A monthly commitment of 10 hours is typical, however there is flexibility based on members’ availability  

    5. What Roles and Skills are Most Needed for the Upcoming 2020-2022 Term?

    This year we are looking in particular for new members with experience in the following areas: Communications, Human Resources, Fundraising, Legal, Accountant/Treasurer

    The DJC Board Needs You Now More Than Ever…

    This is a pivotal time to contribute your skills and creativity to strengthening the DJC.

    Please use these forms to nominate yourself or nominate another DJC member by July 15, 2020.

    Thank you!

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