Sarah Neville

Sarah first joined the DJC in 1996, as a teacher with the brand new Jewish Studies program.  She and her husband Bob have been members for 15 years, and first joined while living in Riverdale. They moved to the west end just in time to enroll their children in the east end DJC Jewish Studies program on Thursday afternoons, during rush hour.  They’ve made the cross-town journey (almost) every Thursday since, and their son Elijah joyfully became a Bar Mitzvah as part of the Bnei Mitzvah program.

Sarah loves the DJC for its warmth, inclusiveness and persistent curiosity.  She’s been involved in several committees over the years, and is committed to supporting the growth of this welcoming, progressive Jewish community.

Professionally, Sarah runs a training company focused on helping leaders and employees make powerful connections through inclusive communication. In her spare time, she loves theatre, potato chips and early morning running.

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