Mindy Harris

Mindy Harris has been involved with the DJC since its earliest days.  Even while spending a dozen years in Japan, she and her two children planned their yearly migration to share in the DJC High Holiday experience with the community here in Toronto. Now back in Toronto since 2012, she has been delighted to discover the joys of being a part of the DJC year-round and is proud to contribute to a Jewish organization that is welcoming, diverse, forward-thinking, inclusive, and thoughtful. Both her daughters are also active members.

Mindy brings over 25 years of business experience to the Board with positions that have included being a director at a multinational company, consulting, partnership building, and facilitating seminars around the world.  She is known for taking on ambitious projects such as building a road up a mountain through a national park or assembling a crew to bake and sell hundreds of bagels to raise funds for a pre-school.

When not otherwise engaged, Mindy is typically found at the yoga or dance studio, spending time with her children, fostering kittens, gardening or inventing a new dish in the kitchen.

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