A light-skinned woman with dirty blonde medium length hair smiles while looking to the side. Her necklace is made of shells and she is dressed in black satin

Juliet Palmer

Juliet and her husband James Rolfe have been members of the DJC since 2014, when their daughter Miriam joined the B’nei Mitzvah program. As an intercultural family they value the deeply inclusive spirit of the DJC and feel blessed to have found a welcoming and progressive spiritual home. They’ve been grateful for community support as they deepen their Jewish learning and for the creativity and curiosity that underpins the DJC.

Juliet was raised in New Zealand, Singapore and the UK. Before moving to Canada in 1998, she lived and studied in the New York area for seven years. Juliet is a composer and interdisciplinary artist whose work spans music, dance, theatre, video and architecture. Reaching beyond boundaries is intrinsic to her work in the wider community as mentor, facilitator, educator, gardener, artist and volunteer. When it’s not raining, she loves the bicycle ride to the DJC from her home in The Junction and enjoys wintertime skiing in the city’s ravines and river valleys.

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