osh Greenhut

Josh Greenhut

Josh Greenhut and his wife Susan Rich have been members of the DJC since 2003; their 11-year-old Jonah and 8-year-old Sadie both attend the DJC school. Growing from a “high-holiday only” DJCer, to a hesitant member of the Fundraising Committee, and now to a member of the Board, Josh loves this community, in all its diversity, full-heartedness, and willingness to wrestle with big questions. Professionally, Josh is a researcher and brand strategist, working with companies to figure out and articulate who they are and what they stand for. He brings the same keen ear and respect for common vision to the DJC. In his spare time, Josh likes cycling, live indie rock, and playing monster with his kids. Josh sits on the board of directors as ex-officio for 2019-2020.