Elisabeth (Lis) Marks

Lis Marks was introduced to the DJC within two weeks of moving to Toronto from Montreal in 2008, and was immediately taken with the vibrancy, diversity, warmth, and music that the community creates together. Since then, Lis has jumped on opportunities to learn from and celebrate with the DJC. She is thrilled about the increasingly central role that this amazing community is playing in the life of her family.

Originally from New York City, with a background in community organizing and social justice advocacy, Lis has been working in public health as a researcher for over 10 years. She is also a committed bike commuter, an outdoors enthusiast, and an avid vegetarian cook and bread baker. Lis brings her perspectives as a new-ish member of this community (and Toronto) and as part of a “youngish and Jewish” queer family to the Board. She is excited to continue to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the DJC community.