Taking Stock & Welcoming the New Year

Each fall we look forward to coming together as a community to take stock of the past year and welcome in the new one. During this year’s High Holy Days, our reflections and contemplations will likely include the conflict between Israel and Gaza. We recognize and respect that our diverse community encompasses many perspectives on Israel and Palestine, and we are committed to fostering dialogue between them.

We are trying to be responsive and help our community during this challenging time. Rabbi Miriam facilitated a well-attended and thought-provoking community conversation in late July about the conflict. We are developing other opportunities for discussion and learning, thinking through how the DJC can be a resource for our members, and how we fit within the responses of the broader Toronto, Jewish, and global communities. It is not easy to determine what the DJC`s role should be, even in terms of how and what we communicate with members. We want you to know that we are working on it. And we plan to engage with DJC members throughout this process.

Every year Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur give us the opportunity to celebrate, reflect, mourn, aspire, and learn together. We hope you will join us later this month.

Elisabeth Marks, Chair, DJC Board of Directors

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