Despite the rain storm, we had a fabulous multi-faith “Chew On This” walk this past Sunday, October 15th, 2017. It all began in the mosque — the Madinah Masjid at Danforth & Donlands when over one hundred people were welcomed by Imam Shiraz and the community. We listened to words of wisdom from our spiritual leaders including: the Imam; Rabbi Miriam; Reverends Sarah-Bouricer-Miller and Robin Wardlaw (from Eastminster and Glen Rhodes United Churches); and Reverend Wayne Walder (from the Neighbourhood Unitarian & Universalist Congregation).

We then walked together along the Danforth in a peaceful march from the mosque to Eastminster singing in the torrential downpour until we arrived at Eastminster, where we could dry off and “break ceremonial bread” together.  Check out the day’s windswept photos!

Volunteers on the Danforth for our "Chew On This" Multifaith Walk, Oct 15-2017.
Danforth Multifiath Community volunteers handing out anti-hunger info on the Danforth.

Thanks to everyone for joining us, and a very special thanks to our DJC volunteers for helping to hand out over 500 bags filled with information about how we as individuals can address issues of poverty and hunger and to the Sun-Rype Food and Beverage Company for donating the “Fruit to Go” strips that we stuffed in the “Chew On This” info bags. For more information see: Dignity For All where you can read the anti-poverty plan they are advocating in Ottawa.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year and also to some new faces!

The DJC Multifaith Committee

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