It’s a powerful moment when a young person steps into a new stage of their personal development and takes greater responsibility for their Jewish life. In Judaism, we mark that shift through the B’nei Mitzvah ritual.
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At the DJC, becoming B’nei Mitzvah is a wonderfully communal experience. Every year, the students of our B’nei Mitzvah class undertake a year-long journey of learning, exploration, and increased responsibility in the world through community service and other activities. The program culminates in a group B’nei Mitzvah ceremony, with each student being called to the Torah for the first time. The ceremony is made especially beautiful by the individual contributions and explorations of Jewish life by each of the students, as well as their musical leadership in prayer and song as a group.

In addition to their families and friends, the class invites the rest of the community to celebrate with them. It’s one of the most joyous moments of the DJC year.

Learn more about our B’nei Mitzvah program.

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There are also families in our community who choose to celebrate their children becoming B’nei Mitzvah as part of one of our Shabbat morning services led by Rabbi Miriam Margles and Cantor Lisa Kent.

Interested in a Saturday morning Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration for your child? Book an appointment with Rabbi Miriam to learn more.

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