The High Holy Days are a time to take stock of the past year, look forward, and recommit ourselves to living in line with our values and our deepest potential individually and collectively.

New DJC members often comment on how warm and musical our services are.  With a unique balance of tradition and innovation, DJC High Holy Day services are relaxed, participatory, and spiritually moving regardless of your knowledge or background.

Our services include community aliyot where dozens of us stand on the bimah together sharing in the common joys and challenges of life.  We also include wisdom and personal reflections shared by community members from the pulpit (kavanot), Rabbi Miriam’s inspiring sermons, and music that lifts our hearts and elevates our voices.

These are times like no others we have lived through. The Danforth Jewish Circle has been and will continue to be your Jewish Community – supporting each other in sickness and grief; celebrating together in joy, gratitude and awe; responding together to a world that contains both injustice and great goodness with the Jewish commitments of growing tzedek (justice), chesed (lovingkindness), chochmah (wisdom) and kedushah (holiness/elevated being). Beyond giving you High Holyday tickets, your membership is essential to our community, vibrancy and strength year-round. We hope you’ll join us in building inclusive, progressive joyous Jewish community.

This year we will be gathering for meaningful, engaging and creative High Holyday services and programs online.

Please save these dates and stay tuned for more information:

Rosh Hashanah: September 18, 19, 20 (2nd day of learning)
Yom Kippur: September 27, 28

For more information about membership, fees and/or to REGISTERMEMBERSHIP &  REGISTRATION

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