Participation in the training involves one full-day intensive and one follow-up evening session.

Last year we announced our inclusive and innovative decision about ritual leadership at the DJC.  {Read the details of the decision and the goals of the RLT program.}  We began this training program to enable any member of our community to lead rituals and blessings with knowledge, skill, and personal commitment.  So far, 49 members have participated in part of the program with 39 of them completing it.  We are aiming to include as many members as possible among our ritual leaders.  Consider taking part in strengthening the DJC’s ritual leadership team!

This program is also ideal for anyone interested gaining a greater understanding about Torah, blessings, and rituals. 

LOCATION for the Full-day sessions are at a home location (to be confirmed on receipt of Rsvp). Evening sessions are held at Eastminster Church, 310 Danforth Ave (check calendar listing for more details).

SIGN UP NOW  for the program!

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