Rabbi Search FAQ

The DJC is undertaking a process to hire a new permanent Rabbi by Spring 2023!

What’s the timeline for hiring a new permanent rabbi?

  • December: Job posting and initial community survey
  • January: Community Forums to inform decision-making criteria
  • February: Interviewing begins
  • March: Shortlisted candidates
  • April/May: Final decision

Why did we hire an interim rabbi first?  

It’s common practice among faith communities to have an interim spiritual leader, recognizing that immediately replacing a beloved leader makes for tough shoes to fill. Having a bit of space between chapters can be helpful for everyone. Practically speaking, hiring an interim rabbi has allowed us to continue to offer lifecycle events, services and support to the DJC community without missing a beat, while giving us the time and space to engage each other about what sort of person would make the best spiritual leader for the DJC. 

Will our interim rabbi be considered for the permanent position?

Yes! When we recruited an interim rabbi, our job posting made it clear that any candidate would also be considered for the permanent position, if they desired. 

Why did we start recruiting in January, rather than right after the high holidays? 

January is the time that most North American Jewish communities begin the recruitment cycle.  It enables those who are about to graduate from Jewish seminaries to find placements for after graduation, and thus, most rabbinic contracts begin in June or July to support this cycle. 

If we don’t hire until the spring, will we be ready for the high holidays?

Yes! Hiring in the spring will allow time for successful on-boarding of a new rabbi.  We also have many generous congregants who support high holiday services. Working together, we’ll continue to share the beautiful, meaningful high holiday services the DJC is known for.

How is the community being consulted throughout the process?

There will be multiple opportunities for feedback and engagement along the way.  This includes surveys and in-person and virtual Community Forums in January. In the spring, the community will also have the chance to engage with short-listed candidates. Our newsletter, weekly news blasts and website will be regularly updated with information on the search process.

Why is community consultation occurring when the job has already been posted?

In order to meet tight timelines, we are running the earliest phases of the process in parallel.  Feedback from community consultation will be incorporated into the screening, interview and decision-making process to ensure that the  successful candidate meets the needs of our community.  

How diverse is the Permanent Rabbi Search Committee?

The HR Committee of the Board (which includes Nicki Weiss, Saara Greene and Rob Krakauer) has taken great care to ensure that the 14 members of the search committee are reflective of the diversity of our community. It is important to us that we get this right, and ensure that the voices of our community are heard and amplified. For instance, our committee spans new members, long-time members, non-Jewish partners, LGBTQ+ members, Jews of colour, neurodiverse people, and youth. These are the members of the Rabbi Search Committee: 

  • Ren Bucholz
  • Nadya Burton 
  • Michael Dunn
  • Allen Flaming
  • Saara Greene
  • Josh Greenhut
  • Jonah Greenhut
  • Nina Harris
  • Rob Krakauer
  • Elisabeth Marks
  • Emil Sher
  • Weiwei Su
  • Evelyn Tauben
  • Nicki Weiss
  • Marcia Young

Are we hiring a permanent Cantor or musical leader at the same time?

No. The plan is to hire a new rabbi before hiring a permanent Cantor. Our musical needs may shift based on the skills of the rabbi, and we also think our new rabbi should be involved in the process of hiring their counterpart. We’ll ensure we have proper musical leadership to support our high holiday services this year, and ensure ongoing musical continuity throughout the year.

What was included in the job posting for the new permanent rabbi?

Please see the job posting here. Feel free to distribute it to anyone you think would like to see it.

Where was the job posted?

The job has been passed along individually to rabbis and others recommended by Rabbi Miriam to distribute to their networks. Additionally, the posting has been sent to:

  • Academy of Jewish Religion
  • Aleph
  • Downtown Jewish Community Council Google Groups
  • Habonim Dror North America Listserv
  • Hebrew College
  • Hebrew Union College
  • Indeed
  • JEDLAB Jobs
  • Jewishjobs.com 
  • Pardes Alumni Facebook Group
  • Reconstructing Judaism
  • Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
  • Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
  • Rising Song Fellows Alumni
  • Toronto Board of Rabbis
  • UJA Job Board
  • Wexner Fellows Listserv

Have a question that’s not part of this FAQ? Email info@djctoronto.com.