Presenting our 25th Anniversary Tapestries!

What an incredible year it has been celebrating our 25th anniversary. These large scale tapestries are the end result of dozens of arts workshops and series with our wonderful artist-in-residence Leah Gold. Special thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for their generous support of this project. We are so fortunate to have these beautiful pieces to enjoy for years to come. Please see below for translation and context of the Hebrew quotes featured.

Rav Yehuda said: One who goes out during (the month of) Nissan and sees trees that are blossoming recites:
We praise you, Holy One our God, Majesty of Space and Time, Who withholds nothing from the world, and who created goodly creations and beautiful trees in order to provide pleasure to humanity.

The sages of the Talmud teach that the renewal of the moon each month reminds us of the magnificent wonders of creation. We go outside, see the moon appear and it is like we are looking up at God’s radiant presence greeting us. Because the moon has the most visible cycle of all the stars and planets, we take the occasion of its renewal to make a blessing in appreciation of the entire masterpiece of celestial orchestration:
Blessed be You Adonai, our God, ruler of all Space and Time who created galaxies with Your word, and created all their hosts with the breath of Your mouth. You gave them laws and time, so they would not change their course. You made them joyful and happy to do the will of the One who possesses them, True Worker whose work is true. And God said to the moon/levanah, “Renew yourself!”

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