Oy Vey, What a Year!

The High Holy Days are a time for renewal; a time to shake off the bad, to apologize or forgive, and to focus on the year ahead. Remember the solar eclipse experienced in the western hemisphere last week? The sun experienced a period of darkness but returned again to its full glory. We are capable of the same.

There is a prayer that is normally said when one sees other natural wonders: “Baruch oseh ma’aseh bereshit.” This very roughly translates to: “Thank you, G-d, for the creation of such an amazing universe.”

We hope that you will join us in September as we collectively disconnect from negativity and reconnect to all that is good in the universe and all that we can make better. The High Holy Days are a time for us all to rediscover the power and strength of our uniquely progressive Jewish community, and all we can contribute together and individually to the world.

And if you know someone who is wondering where — or if — to attend services for the High Holydays, we hope you’ll encourage them to try the DJC.

You can learn about all our upcoming High Holy Day programs and services here – and even take advantage of our new “out-of-towner” guest pass for your bubbe from Milwaukee, available for members only, when you register here. All are welcome!

L’shanah tovah,

The DJC Board of Directors ~
Amelia, Emma, Hilla, Janice, Josh, Mara, Mindy, Nadya, Shelley, Tammi