Oh, Spring!

“Oh, spring!  I want to go out and feel you and get inspiration.” ~ Emily Carr

As our ancestors survived the transition from slavery to freedom, we have made it through the winter (and a week of eating matzah) to the sweet season of cherry blossoms and magnolias — and things are looking up!

We marked Passover with a beautiful social justice seder and a text and movement workshop dedicated to liberation from fear.  We now have Shavuot to look forward to on May 30th, an all-night festival of studying and celebrating the harvest and the giving of the Torah, to further our sense of moving forward, helping us grow as individuals and as a community of learners.  Additionally, our B’nei Mitzvah program is growing, our walking tour of old Jewish downtown Toronto is almost here, and the May 16th Boy in the Moon fundraiser is right around the corner (a play by DJC member Emil Sher accompanied by a reception).

Please stay tuned for more exciting news and events from the DJC as the city warms up and the Danforth becomes more colourful.

The DJC Board of Directors ~
Emma, Hilla, Josh, Elisabeth, Mara, Marlee, Michael, Mindy, Nadya, Shelley

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