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Message to the DJC Community on the Israel-Hamas War 

from Rabbi Ilyse Glickman

This statement from Rabbi Glickman went out to the congregation yesterday.

My heart aches as I try to process what has happened over the past 2 weeks. Like you, I find myself glued to the news in an effort to stay up to date and in the know. 

My cousin, who lives just outside Tel Aviv, regularly updates me on WhatsApp as to the situation on the ground. He and his spouse, and their two children, are constantly running to their bomb shelter. Their eldest child is the same age as my Joel.

On October 7, Hamas conducted the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. We grieve for those in Israel who were killed and worry about the fates of those who are wounded, missing, abducted and left homeless. At the same time, we are witnessing the deaths of thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians and the destruction of many people’s homes in Gaza. There is no avenue of escape and currently no access to humanitarian aid though trucks stand ready at the Rafah border crossing to enter at a moment’s notice. 

We recently received a note of support and solidarity from our local interfaith partner Imam Irshad. He said: “…what gives me hope is the common humanity that brings us all together. Because of that common good that we all wish for each other as people sharing the same earth and same resources, it really pains me to see the carnage on both sides and the suffering of innocent civilians on both sides.”

I echo his prayers for peace to prevail in the world. We all share a common humanity regardless of religion or nationality and deplore the death and suffering of all those affected by this war.

Our DJC community is experiencing a lot of pain, grief and sorrow for Israelis, Palestinians, and others affected by this conflict. If you have family or friends who are affected, please reach out to me so we can ensure that you are supported at this time. 

As a community that is deeply committed to supporting human rights for all people, we encourage you to act.

What can you do?

The situation is dire, and immediate action is needed to alleviate the suffering of those affected. Consider donating to one, or all, of these humanitarian efforts: 

  • UJA-Federation of Greater Toronto’s Emergency Appeal will fund emergency grants to victims of terrorism, trauma mental health services, resilience workers caring for the vulnerable amid rocket fire and other threats, and the work of their core partners in Sderot, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee who are at the forefront of this crisis.
  • NATAL – the Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center, is an apolitical organization providing multidisciplinary treatment and support to direct and indirect victims of trauma due to terror and war in Israel. NATAL‘s mission is to lead the way in the field of trauma, and to advance the resiliency of Israeli society through treatment, prevention, public awareness and research. Their services are available across the country and to all Israeli citizens regardless of religion, ethnic background, color, age, gender or socio-economic status. 
  • Americares is sending medical supplies to Gaza. This organization believes that health is a human right, follows humanitarian principles, and gives priority to the most urgent cases irrespective of race, nationality, geography, gender, religious belief, political opinion or class.  
  • Canadian Magid David Adom – Israel Relief Fund is directing all donations toward the purchase of emergency medical equipment for Magen David Adom’s paramedics and EMTs.
  • Mennonite Central Committee Canada (MCC Canada) | Responding to Palestine and Israel conflict Campaign MCC’s work will build on previous responses to the ongoing conflict, including the distribution of food and bedding for those affected. They are also planning to offer trauma healing support and housing reconstruction. MCC will continue to work with partners in both Palestine and Israel towards a just peace for all.

We pray for the safe return of all abducted Israelis and for an end to the violence against all Israelis and Palestinians.

עוד יבוא שלום עלינו

‎ ועל כולם

סלאם עלינו‎

ועל כל העולם

 Od yavo shalom aleinu

Ve’al kulam

Salaam Aleinu

ve’al kol haOlam

Peace will yet come upon us

And upon everyone

Peace (Salaam سلام)

Upon us and upon the whole world

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