Message to the DJC Community on our Security Measures

Dear DJC Community Member,

Security has always been a topic which we have treated with great importance and attention. Recent events in Israel and here in Canada have underscored the need to revisit our security measures. The safety of our community and our staff is our primary concern. 

We pride ourselves on being a diverse and inclusive community. With that comes differing experiences and relationships with law enforcement and others in positions of authority.  Additionally, we are part of the Danforth Multifaith Commons (DMC), a shared space where many users seek support, community connection and refuge. Multiple users means balancing numerous needs within the broader community. These factors have all been considered as we made and continue to make decisions about security.  

We have been lucky to have such supportive partners in the DMC, who themselves are concerned about the safety and security of our community. Recent building security upgrades mean that many spaces within the building can be separately secured to accommodate multiple users with differing access needs. Window film has been installed in various places, and there are now security cameras covering the property. Staff of the building have been supportive of our security concerns and are actively working with us to continuously improve processes and procedures. 

Out of an abundance of caution, we will also have private security, local police or a combination supporting our programs and services for the foreseeable future. These measures will evolve to take into consideration the changing situation as needed. 

None of these measures can give us absolute assurance of safety. It is our hope that together with our strength as a community, our vigilance and our resilience, they will serve to support and protect our congregation.