Greetings from the New Chair of the Board of Directors

As the calendar turns toward the middle of May, I think we are all relieved to see the last of the wintery weather and experience spring as it rejuvenates life in the city. The new iteration of the DJC Board is also getting geared up to support the life and growth of the DJC. I have the privilege of serving as Board Chair for the coming year – I am excited to work with the other Board members, as well as other members and leadership of the DJC, to sustain and strengthen our community. I also want to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing Chair Paul Axelrod for the commitment, thoughtfulness, and creativity with which he led the DJC Board for the past two years.

Besides cherry blossoms and sandals, several DJC springtime activities are soon to re-emerge as well:  the B’nai Mitzvah Ceremony and the Shabbat service celebrating Gay Pride are a couple of annual favourites on the calendar this month and next. And be sure to check out the other events listed in this newsletter.

At the Board, we continue to talk and think a great deal about engagement:  how can the DJC provide engaging opportunities for learning, spirituality, and community for our members? And how can we engage members’ interests, energy, and talents to strengthen our community? We hope you will engage with us as well – please share your ideas, comments, reactions, and suggestions with myself djcboardchair@gmail or any other Board member.

Here’s to a wonderful, rejuvenating spring.

Elisabeth Marks, Chair, DJC Board of Directors

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