The month of May is all about celebrating the diversity in our community and encouraging inclusion in all our activities.

Our annual Shabbat Itanu on May 4th hosted by the DJC Accessibility Initiative will feature Talia Johnson as a speaker talking about reducing mental health stigma and welcoming people with mental health challenges into community.  On May 6th you can join us to hear about stories and reflections on the DJC’s sponsorship of a Syrian refugee family. Hear how the family is doing and see the true impact of opening our doors, arms, hearts and wallets to those in need.

We are also strengthening our focus on engaging the next generation, building on this past month’s Shabbat for families with little ones and the theatre and comedy nights for young adults we co-hosted with other progressive downtown Toronto synagogues. One May 6th, we’re hosting two focus group sessions to hear from young adults in the community about their needs and interests. We’re also participating in a joint axe throwing social for Lag B’Omer on May 2nd.  

Finally, we hope you will join us and the rest of Jewish Toronto for an all night Shavuot celebration at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre inviting in all who are interested to study and discuss Torah. (You can also join us for a hike to prepare for the holy day!)

May we all feel warm and welcome as the spring thaw finally kicks in! See you outdoors.


The DJC Board of Directors

Amelia, Emma, Hilla, Janice, Josh, Mara, Mindy, Nadya, Shelley, Tammi

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