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The Threads Project is continuing to offer masks to any and all members of our DJC community who may need them. To date, we have produced over 100 masks for our members. Our team of volunteers includes four members who are cutting fabric, eight members who are sewing the masks and four members delivering to those who cannot pick up their masks (though most members have been able to do the pickup themselves). It’s a wonderful example of our community working together to provide for each other and to protect each other.

If you click on this link, you can order the number of masks you need.

We are not charging anybody for these masks as our priority is to ensure that all who need the masks have easy access to them. 

Should you feel that you would like to make a donation to the DJC to help ensure, in these uncertain times, that the DJC has adequate funding to continue to provide all the wonderful programs and services it offers, may we suggest a donation of $18 (chai). As well, for information on making a donation during this uncertain time, click here. Some of you may want to donate for a friend who would not be able to afford a donation right now. We do want to make it abundantly clear to everyone, though, that you need not feel obliged to make ANY donation.

If you are able to provide cotton fabric, elastic, wire or plastic-covered paper clips to be used in making the masks,  please send an email to and let them know how you would like to help. We continue to produce the masks as quickly as possible and get them to those who need them in a timely fashion

We will get through this difficult period and are very pleased to support members in this way in order to keep all of us safe and healthy.

*click here for a fun parody song to promote this initiative! 

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