Celebrating Deliverance

The way the Jewish calendar falls this year, we celebrate both Purim and Passover in March. Though these holidays seem very different in mood, there are actually some significant links between them. Both holidays are focused on deliverance; Purim is about deliverance from the threat of annihilation during the Jews’ period of exile in Persia, while Passover is about deliverance from bondage early in the history of the Jewish people.

We hope you will celebrate both holidays with us this year, first at our community-wide campy, vampy Purim celebration on March 1, at Rabbi Miriam’s pre-Passover adult education session on the four children of the Haggadah and workshop on creative writing and transformation, and finally at our community Passover Seder on March 31. (We are still seeking volunteers for the Seder, so if you’re interested please email us!

May the festival of Purim provide us with the joy and energy necessary to head into Passover ready to continue working for the liberation of oppressed people and the pursuit of justice (tikkun olam).