Making DJC Memories

By now I hope all of you know about the upcoming DJC Chai Party on Saturday, May 9.  Turning 18 is an exciting milestone for this community that started as a series of living room conversations and now counts close to 500 Torontonians as its members.

We tend to see birthdays as a time to look back and reflect on where we have been.  When our son turned two (!) this past weekend, my partner and I spent much of the night before his birthday reminiscing about the last two years and remembering his birth.  But by the next morning there was no time for thinking about the past.  Toddlers live in the now and usually manage to drag us along with them. His birthday became about every moment on that day – having new experiences and making memories to take with us into the future.

I know for many DJC members this birthday is the chance to think, “Wow, look how much we have grown!”  It is an opportunity to take a moment to think about how we came into this world and all that we have come through in the past 18 years.  But it is also an important time to celebrate the moment, live in the now, and make those new memories – just as our little toddler reminded us.

I urge us all to think of the Chai Party as not just a reunion, but as an introduction.  For members new-ish and old-ish (and young-ish and old-ish) – please join us to celebrate this moment and the promising future of the DJC.

Please Note:
Chai Party attendance is by advance registration only and the deadline to buy your tickets is May 4, so get them now!

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