The Chair of our Social Justice Committee, Sharron Kusiar, has two allotment gardens at the Leslie Street Spit and every summer she donates the produce of the second garden to a different non-profit.  This year, the DJC-sponsored Syrian family is interested in cultivating Sharron’s second garden, and the Social Justice Committee is looking for DJC volunteer gardeners to help out.

Sharron Kusiar at her community garden(s).

The family lives near the 401 off of Victoria Park and would need transportation at least once a week in the summer to get to the garden.  More importantly, we need volunteer gardeners who could help them with weeding and watering the garden, as well as transporting the produce to their home.  So if you, or someone you know would like to help make this garden plan a reality, please contact Sharron Kusiar.

Happy Summer!

The DJC Social Justice Committee