Letting the Light In

November was a heavy month for many of our members.  The hours of daylight decreased.  Many felt deep concern over the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.  Two powerful DJC events (Last Folio exhibit fundraiser and Transforming the Grip of Memory workshop) reminded us, through discussion and the arts, of the tragic impact of the Holocaust on Jewish communities and the Jewish psyche.  The world also lost Leonard Cohen, a Canadian icon and an artist deeply committed to his Jewish roots.  But as Leonard Cohen reminded us, “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

There are many rays of light we can be grateful for at the DJC.  For instance, the past month has held a number of Shabbat and holiday services, meditation gatherings, and educational sessions that demonstrate the vibrancy of our community, as well as our commitment to goodness, learning, and justice.  We are also blessed to have received some very generous donations that will help us sustain the momentum of the growing DJC community.

As Chanukah approaches, we can also look forward to the many upcoming opportunities to “let the light in.”  On December 16th we will be hosting a pre-Chanukah Shabbat service and potluck dinner with a special invitation extended to new members.  We hope that you will join us, and continue to join us, as we celebrate and increase the light together.

The DJC Board of Directors ~
Emma, Hilla, Josh, Elisabeth, Mara, Marlee, Michael, Nadya, Shelley

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