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This is a time of change at the DJC, as we transition to a community with a committed and much-loved rabbi who brings so much more to the roles of community and spiritual leadership than we have ever had before.

Over the past four and a half years with Rabbi Miriam’s leadership, the DJC has grown in many ways: we have a larger membership, an increased amount and variety of programming, and many opportunities for deeper exploration of spiritual practice and learning.  But there are also some growing pains as the DJC learns about the meaning and implications of having a rabbi so involved in leading this community – an exciting new mutual commitment, but one that also requires thoughtful discussion and balancing different expectations.

The board is currently addressing some of these issues: defining and delineating the roles of the board, Rabbi Miriam, DJC staff, and DJC committees; creating mechanisms to support collaboration and communication in the community; and determining how best to make decisions to help our community thrive.  But there is also some work we need to do together with DJC members to figure out what it means to be a community with a rabbi and to think about how we want to engage with each other to plan and deliver programs; celebrate, mourn, and pray together; and support the growth of this community and of our members.

Some of you may know that the board recently provided an opportunity for a group of DJC’s founding members to have a conversation with the executive team and Rabbi Miriam about the direction of the DJC.  Now we want to broaden this dialogue and hope that you will join us.

We invite all DJC members to join us on the afternoon of Sunday, June 7th, for a conversation about the DJC following the AGM.  We hope that this event will bring together a diverse range of DJC members to share visions and ideas, discuss challenges and worries, and build understanding across both our shared and our differing perspectives.  More details will come shortly.  In the meantime, please save the date.  And as always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at djcBoardChair@gmail.com

Elisabeth Marks, Chair, DJC Board of Directors

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