Kavod means ‘honour’ in Hebrew.  Through this column we express our respect and thankfulness for donor, and acknowledge the individuals and milestones they have honoured with a donation.

The Hebrew phrase Kol ha Kavod is translated as “congratulations, well done”. This is our message as the DJC expresses thanks for donations from:

  • Evelyn Tauben in honour of the birth of Nehemiah Sharon, son of Yiftach Fehige and Amitai Karastojanov, and baby brother of Magnus and Yael.
  • Dr. Robert Bernstein and Susan Avishai, proudly honouring their six grandchildren.
  • Danny Greenspoon and Cantor Lisa Kent in honour of member Emil Sher, whose stage adaptation of Ian Brown’s The Boy In The Moon has been reshaped for the Toronto premiere at Crow’s Theatre.  A Benefit Performance for the DJC will take place on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.  Please see information below and support the DJC and the arts.
  • Michael Morris in honour of Cantor Lisa who is now certified by the Office of the Registrar General, Ministry of Government Services of Ontario, to officiate at marriages.  We acknowledge Toronto-Danforth MPP Peter Tabuns, whose assistance has helped the DJC to broaden membership services.

To make your Kavod donation for any amount, or to purchase tickets for The Boy In The Moon, go to DONATE NOW!  For Kavod donations, you may donate online or call DJC Board Member Marlee Novak at 416-575-1483.

Thank you!

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