Kavod means ‘honour’ in Hebrew.  Through this column we express our respect and thankfulness for donor, and acknowledge the individuals and milestones they have honoured with a donation.

The Hebrew phrase Kol ha Kavod is translated as “congratulations, well done”. This is our message as the DJC expresses thanks for donations from:

  • Evelyn Tauben in honour of the birth of Nehemiah Sharon, daughter of Yiftach Fehige and Amita Karastojanov, and baby sister of Magnus and Yael.
  • Pearl Robbins honouring Tamara Robbins Griffin and Edward Griffin as new members of the DJC
  • Joshua Greenhut in honour of the birth of a baby boy, Ezra, to Lis Marks and Tara Sackett.  Ezra is the little brother of Max.
  • Nadya Burton on the 25th yartzheit of my beloved Babushka, Dr. Olga Brolnitsky, born 1899 in Zamyria near Minsk, died 1992 in Chicago.  One of five women in the 1929 graduating class of the University of Illinois Medical School.  Courageous and loving role model, she is missed every day.
  • Rabbi Miriam Margles, generously reflecting her personal, as well as professional, commitment to the DJC.
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