January’s Board Message

Bring on the snowy new year! 

We can learn a lot about ourselves and our community when harsh winter weather hits us. Neighbours brave the cold to assist one another with shoveling walkways and digging out buried cars, or head to the parks to slide down hills, make snow angels and snow balls. Others take refuge indoors, creating an opportunity to spend time with loved ones. In many ways, the snow brings out the best in us.

Believe it or not, snow also has significance in Jewish tradition. Jewish texts talk about snow as a metaphor for plenty and for purity, and make reference to snow in the mountains being the source of life-sustaining rivers. Some Rabbis specializing in Kabbalah say that snow can be seen as a sacred message that our sins have been forgiven.

A good way to end 2017, no?

We look forward to all that 2018 has in store for our community, as the snow falls and as it starts to melt away. Don’t forget to fill out our member survey to tell us about what’s important to you and how we can better meet your needs in the coming year. You can also still make a tax-deductible donation to the DJC here.

Wishing you a warm (and snow-filled) happy secular new year,

The DJC Board of Directors –

Amelia, Emma, Hilla, Janice, Josh, Mara, Mindy, Nadya, Shelley, Tammi