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Jan 9 Discover, Watch, Listen: InterAct Education Center

InterAct Education Center

I recently learned about the InterAct Education Center, a non-profit organization committed to bringing “the multi-narratives of conflict to the wider world, building empathy and understanding on a much larger scale.” Their vision is to “generate critical understanding and deep empathy among war torn parties in conflict, and in the general public, that might lead to innovative solutions, and also notably, to combat the rising tide of hatred and extremism” and their goals include combatting the rise in Antisemitism and Islamaphobia by humanizing both Jews and Palestinians through personal storytelling and amplifying the voices of peacemakers through multiple social media platforms. 

Webinar series

InterAct recently launched a 4-part webinar series highlighting the voices of women peacemaker leaders in Israel and the Middle East. The first webinar, which was recently recorded and is available for viewing, brought together Rana Salman, Executive Director of Combatants for Peace, and May Pundak, Executive Director of A Land for All

I would encourage you to watch the InterAct video when you can find 57 minutes to sit and be present. 

The next three webinars are now open for registration:

  1. January 15, 12 pm with Laila Al Sheikh (Parents Circle) and Kim Passy Yoseph (Mejdi Tours) in conversation. Laila Al Sheikh lost her six-month old son to the violence, but instead of turning toward hatred and revenge, her loss propelled her in a fight for peace. Kim Passy Yoseph’s close friend from childhood was kidnapped by Hamas. Together they will share their stories of tragedy, and share why and how their personal only strengthens their fight for peace. 
  2. January 31, 1 pm with Netta Loevy (Itakh Maaki – Women Lawyers for Social Justice) and Nivine Sandouka (ALLMEP Board Member) in conversation. Nivine Sandouka, Executive Director of Our Rights, an NGO focusing on Palestinian women’s rights in Jerusalem, will join Netta Leovy, co-Director of the UNSCR 1325 Project at Women Lawyers for Social Justice. Together they will discuss the importance of feminist thought in peace-building, and answer the question: Why must the peace-movement  focus on, and highlight women as leaders and change makers? 
  3. February 15, 1 pm with JeMarwa Hammad (Women of the Sun) and Yael Braudo-Bahat (Women Wage Peace) in conversation. Yael Braudo-Bahat is the co-Director of Women Wage Peace, a women-led movement in Israel, and one of the largest peace groups on the ground. Marwa Hammad is the fundraising Coordinator for Women of the Sun, a Palestinian Women’s Movement fighting for Peace. These two organizations are building an inspiring women led movement, from the ground up. What does it take to build a women’s movement? 

From Rabbi Ilyse Glickman:

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