Inner Sparks – Reflections on Our Community Art Project

Pencil in hand, my eyes trace the contours of two oranges. I try not to draw what I know, but rather what is right in front of me — the outline, contours, shadows, bumps and dimples. Lighting a spark in the cold dark months, artist  Leah Gold’s prompts are for anyone and everyone — an invitation to engage in the art of awesome perception, to open our eyes to the amazingness of the everyday. Looking deeply, we see the outer husks crack open to reveal the inner spark. Time and an open mind release the energy of all existence — it’s both simple and mind-blowing! Thank you Leah for this precious gift –  of time passing slowly, of seeing as meditation, of this gentle collective celebration of the DJC’s 25th birthday.


Artist in Residence Leah Gold walking us through the first art project in our series – Check out our youtube playlist for all art prompts and more!

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