Havurot 5783

Learning Hebrew with Duolingo

November 30, December 7 & 14 | 8 – 9 pm online

In this group, we’ll meet virtually to improve our Hebrew with Duolingo. We’ll start by introducing ourselves, discussing our current level of Hebrew and why we are interested in learning more, and then we’ll spend the rest of the hour improving our Hebrew with Duolingo. Note that a Duolingo account is required, but a free account is fine!

To participate, please contact Heather Payne at heather@heatherpayne.ca

Yidisher Shmues Havura

Dates/times: Monday or Tuesday evening, the exact time & frequency of meetings to be determined by interested participants.

Are you learning Yiddish and could use some conversational practice? Then come meet with other DJC learners on zoom, and we’ll practice together.

Folks who want to join should already know some Yiddish – at least the alef-beys & the ability to put together some (even really simple) sentences (like “Redstu Yidish?”). This is not a class to learn Yiddish from scratch – but rather a space to improve our language skills together. I’m at the lower intermediate level myself – but anyone from middle beginner to advanced levels is welcome to join. I have some dialogue guides from books & classes I’ve attended, but everyone is welcome to bring their own conversational scripts & suggestions to this space.

Please email Kamila.Rina.catalyst@proton.me if you want to participate, or have questions.

DJC Havurah: Seniors Coffee & Chat Group

Thursday evenings | 7 PM

The DJC Seniors Coffee & Chat group began as a way for Seniors living alone during COVID lockdown to develop new connections.   

Since then, we have grown to be a wonderful group of friends who look forward to our Thursday evening 7:00 pm zooms.  During the summer months, we finally met each other in person, having picnics in nearby parks and meeting at Edwards Gardens for Thursday night concerts.  Now that we are venturing out to meet in person, we are looking ahead to broadening our focus to share topics of interest such as the stereotypes seniors face – ageism, what brings us happiness, how we can contribute to the DJC, etc ,  We are also planning various activities such as the theatre, walks and to host Seniors events and to reach out and welcome and meet new members of the DJC community. 

We look forward to welcoming you. The value of having new friendships at this stage of life is exciting and enriching.  

For more information contact marilynneuman50@gmail.com

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