Havurot 5782

“Einstein and the Rabbi” Discussion Group

Please join Rhonda Isaac for a summer reading and discussion group on the book “Einstein and the Rabbi: Searching for the Soul” by Naomi Levy. In this book, the author becomes fascinated with a found letter from Einstein, and a dialogue of curiosity, compassion, faith and science intercept. Our first meeting will be on Wednesday Aug 3rd from 6:30-8:00. From there, we will discuss as a group if we would like to meet monthly, or bi-weekly. We will meet at the Jackman Entrance of EUC then we walk over to the closest park together. Email Rhonda at irhonda2016@gmail.com to sign up and with any questions!

Yidisher Shmues Havura

Are you learning Yiddish and could use some conversational practice? Then come meet with other DJC learners on zoom, and will practice together. Folks who want to join should already know some Yiddish – at least the alef-beys & the ability to put together (even really simple) sentences (like “Redstu Yidish?”). This is not a class to learn Yiddish from scratch, but rather a space to improve our language skills together. I’m at the upper beginner/lower intermediate level myself – but anyone from middle beginner to advanced levels is absolutely welcome to join, and we can try to create practice pairs or trios according to fluency matches. I have some dialogue guides from books & classes I’ve attended, but everyone is welcome to bring their own conversational scripts & suggestions for this space.

Dates/times: Monday or Tuesday evening, the exact time & frequency of meetings to be determined by interested participants.

Please email Kamila.Rina.catalyst@proton.me if you want to participate, or have questions.

Jewish, Older LGBTQIA+

My name is Sheri Ahava Cohen and I recently came out as Queer. The coming out process is exhilarating, alive, unleashing, challenging and at times, difficult to navigate. I want to connect with older Jewish LGBTQ+ who have come out or are in the process of coming out now.  I am looking to start a new havurah/group for (age 50+) to explore topics like: understanding  our culture, sexuality, gender (pronouns and beyond), relationships and partnerships, other topics decided by the group and  how to live into this new life, internally and publicly.  We’ll explore from a specifically Jewish perspective, as well as bringing in some mindfulness practice. Let’s begin by meeting on Zoom, and plan to meet in person in the future. If you are interested or want to know more, contact Sheri Ahava at shericohen@rogers.com or 416-456-8422

DJC Havurah: Seniors Coffee & Chat Group
Thursday evenings | 7 PM

During Covid it has been challenging for seniors who live alone to share common interests and develop new connections. Many are adapting to living solo after the loss of a spouse or a divorce, and feel a part of their identity and daily life is lacking. Join for a weekly chat and coffee where we can come together, share memories, interests, and goals. The value of having friendships with those who are going through similar life changes can be very uplifting. To RSVP or for more info, please email Marilyn Neuman.

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