Guess What’s at 1:00 pm Today!

This afternoon, Sunday, October 25, at 1:00 pm, the DJC kicks off its Year of Wrestling Together with an Open-Mike Community Conversation.

Jedi Mind Trick Part One:  “I AM GOING TO THIS!”

It’s our fervent hope that a large and diverse group of members show up and share their concerns and hopes for the DJC – whether you’re Jewish or non-Jewish, whether you’re on several committees or only visit the DJC once a year.  In both cases, you are the circle.

Jedi Mind Trick Part Two:  “WANT TO GO WITH ME?”

On the Board, we’re always trying to figure out what this community really wants and cares about.  The issues that come up in today’s session will shape the topics chosen for a series of 8 smaller sessions between now and May – the complex issues that our community really needs to learn about and wrestle with.  If you want the DJC to grow into a place that will nurture you and your family for decades to come, we need your perspective.

And, if you came to a certain session last May and left feeling that you didn’t get to share what was your mind, you have our word: that will not happen today.

So …

Jedi Mind Trick Part Three:  “GO. IT STARTS AT 1:00.”

We hope you can make it.

Yours in wrestling,
The DJC Board of Directors
Josh, Hilla, Ken, Lis, Margaret, Marlee, Michael, Nadya, Shari


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