Giving Corner – April 2022

Jessica has just come home from Jewish Studies. The family sits down to dinner and listens to the news. It’s all bad, so Dad turns it off. Jessica asks, “What’s going on in Ukraine?” Dad grabs a sheet of paper from her school bag to draw a map. Mom starts to explain about the war, the displaced families, the people wounded and killed. Dad has finished his map, ranging from Finland and the Baltic states to Moldova and Romania. He starts to explain the geopolitics, but gets frustrated and tears the map into pieces. “It’s just too complicated” he says. “I can’t see how they can resolve the conflict.” READ MORE

Later that evening, Jessica hands Dad his map reassembled. Astonished, he asks, “How did you manage to put this together?” Jessica replies, “At Jewish Studies today we learned about Tikkun Olam. My notes were on the back of the paper you used for your map. So it was easy. I just turned the page over and pieced together what I wrote. “However you are able: Help people in need; Confront injustice when you see it being committed; and do what you can to support the environment.” I put the messages of Tikkun Olam together and Europe was restored.”

Please share this message of Tikkun Olam with your family and friends and consider donating to the DJC or a charity supporting people fleeing violence.

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