Yearly Fees

The Children’s Jewish Studies program is following the DJC’s fee structures and offering a sliding scale.  We invite you to pay the amount that feels comfortable for your family, and we thank you for your support.

Our program is subsidized by grants and the generosity of the DJC community.  If you are able to increase your fees as a way of making a donation to the school, this money will help to fund and enrich our programming, as well as helping us to continue to offer subsidies to those who need them.

Fees ~ DJC Member families per child: $800 – $1300 / Non-DJC Member families per child: $1050 – $1550.

As always, we are committed to making our program financially accessible for all.  No one will be turned away for lack of funds.  For assistance, please contact us in confidence at

Parent Contact Information

Second Parent Contact Information

First Child Information

Second Child Information

Third Child Information

Fourth Child Information

Emergency Contacts

(please list 2 contacts, other than parents, to be called in an Emergency)


Please fill out the following section. *Note that this information will be stored online and accessed by teachers and administrative staff of the DJC to verify permissions throughout the year.
Permission for Walking Excursions: Immediate Community *
From time to time, students are engaged in curricular activities that occur off school property, but within walking distance of the school. Some examples may include walking to the community sukkah, a library, park, or store in the neighbourhood. Field trip forms will not be sent for these small excursions; the principal will approve these excursions, and teacher supervision will be provided at all times. *Note: This also includes walking between our two class locations: Danforth Church and Eastminster United Church.
Photo Release *
We would like to keep you and the community informed of the things that go on in the school, as well as school-related events. To this end, we would like to occasionally take photographs of children and/or their work. We may send the photos to you by email, or publish them on the DJC website, newsletter, fundraising materials, or social media pages. Please select the categories you grant permission for use of photos, or choose "all of the above" or "none" accordingly.
Pick-Up: Parental Release *
At 6:15pm, as classes end, please indicate how your child will be picked up. If you select any answer other than 'walk home unaccompanied', please include the names of all friends or adults who may pick up your child.
Emergency Services *
In the case of an emergency, we authorize and give consent to representatives of the DJC to contact emergency services on our behalf in order to obtain medical care for our child.
Registration Disclaimer *
In consideration of my child's participation in the DJC Jewish Studies program, I, the parent/guardian, hereby waive and fully release the Danforth Jewish Circle, Alysse Rich, and other staff and volunteers, from any claims whatsoever arising from or related in any way, to the planning, preparation, and execution of any programming provided by the Danforth Jewish Circle Children's Jewish Studies program. By checking below, I acknowledge my consent.

Required Accommodations:

The DJC is committed to ensuring that all students in our program have equal access to a Jewish education, regardless of their physical and/or intellectual needs. Please let us know if your child requires accommodations so we can make their education an inclusive and exciting experience.


Volunteers are the very lifeblood of our Children's Jewish Studies Program. We simply could not exist were it not for the dedication and devotion of a handful of members. We need your help. A few hours of your time could make a world of difference to us... and you and your child.


We are offering a sliding scale fee structure, and invite you to pay the amount that feels comfortable for your family. We thank you for your support!
  • DJC member families per child: $800 - $1300.
  • Non-DJC member families per child: $1050 - $1550
  • Yearly fees include a $75 non-refundable registration fee


for a registered student who is withdrawn prior to or during the school year
  • Before August 14: Full refund minus $75 registration fee
  • August 15 to completion of second class: Full refund minus $200 registration fee
  • Beginning of third class, no refund
Non-DJC member families per child: $1050 - $1550.
DJC member families per child: $800 - $1300.


The DJC Children’s Jewish Studies Program relies on the support of the community and member donations. The actual cost for the program is over $1,050 per student. Please donate to support our child and youth programs if you can.


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