B’nei Mitzvah Program

Started by parents in 2007, the DJC B’nei Mitzvah Program is a unique, year-long program of weekly learning within a group of peers, culminating in a B’nei Mitzvah ceremony on a Shabbat morning in May.  It’s one of the highlights of our year.

The program blends more traditional elements — learning and singing a parasha (Torah portion), learning the blessings for reading from the Torah, donning a tallit, writing a d’var Torah (speech), learning about the history of our people and culture — with some less traditional ones — a divrei Torah on a topic of the student’s choosing; a year of classes focusing on tikkun olam and on the place of Judaism in our lives; and the inclusion of poems, readings, and music in the ceremony that are meaningful to the families involved.

The result is a group ceremony where all students share the light and shine collectively, rather than individually, joining together to joyously share their vision of themselves as young Jews.

The entire DJC community, friends, and family are invited to celebrate together as we welcome these students into a life-long relationship with Judaism as thinking, creative Jewish adults.

  • The B’nei Mitzvah program runs annually from September to May.
  • Classes are held weekly (usually on Sunday mornings) for two hours.
  • The DJC prioritizes students who have been enrolled in the Grade 6 class of the Children’s Jewish Studies Program.
  • Membership in the DJC community is required for the B’nei Mitzvah Program.
  • The B’nei Mitzvah ceremony is held on a Saturday morning in May.

Interested in learning more about our B’nei Mitzvah program?  Reach out to info@djctoronto.com