Easing the Pain of Covid-19: A note from the DJC Social Justice Committee

In this unprecedented and challenging time of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, we can remember some of the ways we have suffered as a people and as individuals in times past and think of ways we can help by connecting to the foundational heart of our Jewish values — “tikkun olam” – to heal, repair and transform the world”.

This can mean reaching out to provide financial assistance and/or to volunteer as we live through the difficult days and months ahead. To help with this, the DJC’s Social Justice Committee has put together a list from a variety of sources to pass along some ideas about how you can help those who are more vulnerable during this time.

If you are personally in need of assistance or support, Rabbi Miriam is available for spiritual support and pastoral care. Feel free to reach out to her at rabbimiriam@djctoronto.com. Plus the DJC’s Chesed Committee (djcchesedcaring@gmail.com) and other DJC volunteers are ready to help with connection, support and a range of logistical needs. Read more about how we can help you and your family by clicking here.

– The DJC Social Justice Committee

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