Time was ticking and there they were (“they” being our two NEW volunteers — Liat Ross and Michelle Marsellus — who had volunteered to cover off as “Furniture Leads” on the DJC Social Justice Committee’s Syrian Refugee Family Sponsorship team while Sharron Kusiar is away). They were waiting on the curb for a truck pick-up from Denis Roy of “Your Friend With a Cube Van”. Denis, a friend of DJC member Sara Novak, had offered to help deliver donated furniture and household items for the family we are sponsoring, to our storage locker in a state-of-the-art storage facility donated by Real Storage. Yes, lots of connections and lots of people trying to lend a hand.

So there they were on the sidewalk with Paul & Ruth Margles (you guessed it — our wonderful Rabbi’s parents and outside the family home where Miriam grew up). And standing right alongside them were 12 beautiful dining room chairs and a stunning dining room table where Miriam and her family enjoyed many a Shabbat dinner over the years… but where was the delivery truck?

Well, would you believe held up by a Tim Horton’s donut creme delivery gone wrong? Or at least sideways; since Denis had to move dozens of boxes of donut creme (which he was unable to unload prior to our pick up) to accommodate these very special furniture items from the Margles family.

Lamp meets baby seat -- all in a day's work of delivering items to our storage locker.
Lamp meets baby seat — all in a day’s work of delivering items to our storage locker.

The great news Liat & Michelle want to share with our community is that we now have most major items of furniture that the family needs! How wonderful is that? But there is still a running list of smaller household items (see below) we can use for the family who will be arriving this spring.

Important items we still need from the community include: 

– drinking glasses
– large pots
– large mixing bowls
– dish drainer
– grocery cart/bundle buggy
– shower caddy;
– some cleaning equipment (broom and dustpan, mop, plunger)

On another note, Denis Roy (of “Your Friend with the Cube Van”) has offered to employ several of the Syrian newcomers this summer, when his moving company gets busy. You never know what might happen at the other end of a truck filled with donut creme…

Thanks for your interest. Posted by the DJC Social Justice Committee.

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