Contribute to the Claudia Bali Education Endowment Fund

Claudia Judith Bali, a founding member of the DJC, passed away on July 25, 2018, after a long illness. Claudia represented the heart and soul of the Danforth Jewish Circle, and along with her husband Jacob, hosted the very first DJC founders meeting. She co-signed the DJC’s incorporation papers, served on its first Board and was loved and admired by community members for her generosity and remarkable courage.

Make your gift live forever

Endowment Fund giving secures your hopes and dreams for a strong future for the Danforth Jewish Circle and for inspiring, meaningful Jewish life.

Your generous support helps guarantee that the DJC will continue to be able to deliver and even enhance its important programs and services to our growing community.

You may choose to designate your donation to the Claudia Bali Educational Endowment Fund. In this fund Danforth Jewish Circle will hold the principle of your donation forever. A percentage of the annual income generated will be distributed annually so that the Danforth Jewish Circle can deliver high quality education and learning activities.

The Claudia Bali Endowment Fund will ensure that our programs, education, spiritual care and lifecycle support are accessible to all individuals and families, regardless of their financial resources.

In this way, your gift will live forever.


If you would like to create a new endowment for a specific purpose or as a named endowment, please contact DJC at