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A statement from Rabbi Glickman and the Danforth Jewish Circle on the crisis happening in Israel

This statement from Rabbi Glickman went out to the congregation yesterday.

Dear DJC Community,

I am writing to you at this truly difficult time. Today is Shabbat and Simchat Torah – both intended to be joyful and celebratory. But this joy has been transformed into pain and sorrow as we witness the waves of terror inflicted on Israel by Hamas today in a surprise attack. Many of our community members have friends and family in Israel and we are concerned and trying to connect with them by phone, social media, or email.

With Israel under attack, we stand in solidarity with all Israelis and all sacred souls living there. We are heartbroken and horrified by these attacks by Hamas. We mourn the lives lost, and pray for the healing of the wounded and for the safe return of those kidnapped. May an end to the violence and bloodshed come quickly.

Below are a few statements of what other leaders are saying about what is transpiring. Hopefully, these words will resonate with your feelings and help you feel connected to the broader Jewish community around the world.

The WUPJ condemns the horrifying acts of terrorism carried out by Hamas against scores of innocent civilians and supports Israel’s right to defend itself.

The images coming out of Israel are shocking, and Jews around the world feel the pain and horror of seeing our siblings executed in their homes. What is meant to be a day of joy, a celebration of the end of the Sukkot and Simchat Torah, the most festive holiday on the Jewish calendar, has become a day of horror and bomb shelters.

Today, the sound of children and elderly celebrating in the streets has been replaced by the nervous silence of a country at war waiting to hear the fate of neighbors and loved ones and bracing for another round of conflict. 

We pray for the safety and success of Israel’s soldiers and police who are fighting to defend the Jewish homeland and for the peace of all Israel and all the world.

;יי עוז לעמו ייתן, יי יברך את עמו בשלום
Adonai Oz L’Amo Yitein, Adonai Yevarech Et Amo VaShalom
Adonai will give strength to people and bless all people with peace

World Union for Progressive Judaism Statement on Unprecedented Terror Attacks in Israel (excerpt)

Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association are horrified by today’s massive attack on Israel by Hamas. We condemn the attacks unequivocally and join in solidarity with the people of Israel on this harrowing and difficult day. The scope and magnitude of these attacks, intentionally conducted in the early hours of Shabbat and Simchat Torah, is on a scale not seen in many years. Over 250 Israelis have been killed, over 1400 wounded, and dozens of Israelis have reportedly been kidnapped and taken hostage by Hamas. We pray for the safety of all those taken hostage and call for their immediate release.

We hold the leaders of Hamas and other militant groups responsible for this senseless loss of life, and we demand international accountability for these outrageous war crimes. Today, thousands of families across Israel are terrified. We are scared for them. We are also scared for Palestinian families in the West Bank and Gaza. We know this violence will lead to more violence. Israel has already launched strikes in Gaza, and hundreds of Palestinians have been killed. This is a day of profound anguish and horror.

We support Israel’s right to defend itself in line with international law in the face of such violent and indiscriminate attacks. We pray for a swift end to this violence, and we hope that a slide into even further conflagration and suffering for Israelis and Palestinians can be prevented. When it is over, we recommit ourselves to working for a just and long-term solution.

Statement from Reconstructing Judaism (The Reconstructionist Movement)

I leave you with prayerful words of support by Rabbi Karen Kedar:

Peace, Please by Rabbi Karen Kedar
We gather together,
in faith and with hope
to pray for peace
and for the safety of the people of Israel.
Help us, O Holy One
and protect us in our hour of need.
Touch our hearts
lest they harden with despair.
Guide our thoughts
lest they are overcome with fear.
Bring healing to the wounded,
strength to those in mourning,
courage to those in fear,
wisdom to those who lead.
Yedid nefesh, beloved one,
reveal Yourself
and fill the world with Your light.
Spread over us the shelter of Your peace.
Be quick, God of love, for the time has come.
Have mercy upon us, Eternal One of peace.

With hope for peace for all,
Rabbi Ilyse Glickman

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