Climate Crisis Letter Writing Campaign

A big part of the solution to climate change is to electrify everything: cars, trucks, home heating, industrial processes, and so on.

Clean Energy Canada, looked at the growth in clean energy in Canada since 2010. The report found that Canadian clean energy industries are growing faster than the rest of the economy. Over the last 18 months, renewable energy companies signed contracts to feed green power to the grid that will be cheaper than natural gas plants. Despite common perceptions, those low costs are possible without subsidies.

It’s so important to make sure we’re heard because oil and gas companies won’t go away willingly. When we write to our elected officials, send letters to our local papers, and speak to our friends and family about climate change, we’re showing that Canadians are ready and wanting to accelerate towards the clean energy future that has already begun.

The DJC Climate Action Committee has compiled a comprehensive document of letter templates to send to government representatives. Click here to download this highly useful and valuable resource.

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