I can’t believe that another wonderful year of learning has come to a close.   Many thanks to everyone who made it happen — from our administrators, to the Education Committee, to the families, to the incredible teaching staff.

Some highlights from this year include music lessons with Sabrina, special holiday celebrations, the Middah of the Month program, and, for the older students, learning about the Torah in chuggim (special activities).

The year finished up with a vibrant celebration of our learning.  Families were able to see SK’s learning quilt, Kita 1’s Jewish calendar wheels, Kita 2’s Jewish life cycle wheel, Kita 3’s stories about Jewish Torah characters, Kita 4’s family trees, Kita 5’s  art about their learning, and Kita 6’s visual explorations of Jewish identity.  We ended the celebration with a beautiful group song orchestrated by the wonderful Sabrina.

We’re already looking forward to next year!  If you are a returning family, please register by June 30th in order to hold your spot.

Alysse Rich
DJC Children’s Jewish Studies Program

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